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Here’s the followup to this story:


Why was the bankruptcy thrown out? Because JCM’s 100% shareholder, an ex-con named Todd Short, tried to represent his “corporation” in court himself. PayPal, Todd’s biggest creditor, said, “Hey, the court rules require that a corporation be represented by a lawyer,” and the court through out the case.

There’s a lot more on this case on the following forum:


If you’ve been scammed by this guy, be sure to write to Jeff Showers at the FBI and enclose Xerox copies of receipts and other evidence:

Jeff Showers, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Suite 900, Wachovia Building
400 South Tyron Street
Charlotte, North Carolina 28285

Also write a letter to the U.S. Attorney for Western North Carolina. He’s the guy who will actually bring charges:

Robert Conrad
U.S. Attorney
227 W. Street
Charlotte, NC 28202


The address for Conrad should be:

Robert J. Conrad, Jr
Suite 1700, Carillon Bldg,
227 W. Trade St Charlotte 28202

or his Asheville office at:

Robert J. Conrad, Jr.
U.S. Attorney for Western North Carolina
Rm 233, US Courthouse
100 Otis Street
Asheville NC 28801


Scammed by J. C. Morris & Co.? If you're a victim of this con game, the most important thing you can do is to put together a set of xerox copies of all of your receipts, emails, etc., and mail them to the FBI in Asheville (Agent Stewart Kelley, FBI Asheville, 22 South Pack Square Suite 700, Asheville, NC 28801). The local authorities in NC and Georgia all say that the FBI is taking the lead in the investigation.

Be sure you file your on-line complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center and the Federal Trade Commission. And write to your public officials and ask them to follow up on this case and find out why no charges have been filed.



dav, if you have not already, please check out the following forum regarding JC Morris:


Thanks for the comments. I've been following the fatwallet forum for a long time now (wish I'd found it in my initial company research before buying) and I've filed a report with the FBI's Internet Fraud office a long time ago too. I even tried contacting the agent in NC but he never got back to me before he retired.


Todd Short was arrested on May 13th, 2003. Check this out from the US Attorney's Office.

Jerry W. Miller
Assistant United States Attorney
Western District of North Carolina
Room 233 U.S. Courthouse
100 Otis Street
Asheville, NC 28801-2611
FAX 828.271.4670

Please be advised that Todd Wilson Short was arrested May 13, 2003 on a complaint charging him with wire fraud and mail fraud. His initial appearance will be held this morning in federal court in Asheville. The law requires that his charges be presented to a federal grand jury within 30 days of his initial appearance.

If any of the readers of this forum consider themselves victims of the alleged crimes of Todd Wilson Short, J.C. Morris & Co., MedNetPlus, Inc., Benton Medical Group, Inc. and have not provided your complete information to the F.B.I.; or, if you are unsure if your information has been provided to the F.B.I., please mail or fax a letter to me at the above address/fax number. PLEASE make sure the letter contains the following: 1) Your name, 2) complete mailing address, 3)phone number, 4) email address, 5)amount of your loss, 6) date of your transaction, 7) method you used to pay, and 8) a compete narrative of the circumstances of your dealings with Todd Wilson Short or his associates. If you have retained records, please provide a copy of those with your letter. Please, where possible, include names, phone numbers, and dates of contact for all contact with Todd Wilson Short, the named entities or his associates.

Those who are already in the F.B.I database as victims as well as those who are added by replies to this posting, will be kept informed of the progress of the case.

The Asheville Division of the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina has a reputation for a "rocket docket" which means this prosecution will progress through the court promptly -- Usually within 90 days unless the proceedings are delayed by intervening procedures.

Please note that neither this posting nor this message board will be monitored by prosecutors or agents; therefore, replies must be made by either mail or fax. Please feel free to copy and distribute this information to anyone who may be a victim of the alleged crimes of Todd Wilson Short.

Jerry W. Miller
Assistant United States Attorney, WDNC

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