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I couldn't -not- comment on this! amazing doesn't even describe it; the wonder and beauty of it, it's just, oh! And I'm not sure what I am more amazed by, the quality/art form of the first set of pictures, or the mere thought of spending time exploring in a set of ruins like that. when you go, take me with you!! or at least get me a map!


I've heard there are quite a few abandoned big onsen complexes around the country built during the bubble years and out of business now...just left to rot (and be explored). Didn't know about this whole island though.

Did I ever tell you one of the most vivid dreams I ever had was of being coal miner? The dream was so real that I awoke in tears after feeling what it felt like to be a miserable miner. My only explanation of knowing the details that made the dream was that I must have been a miner in a past life... Plus I have claustophobia...


hum, can I "actually" join you for real if you go? Am also looking for some place like that to go explore. When were you planning on going? let s take Mie with us too. I met her at the bloggers party last week.
When are you coming to Japan?
(please use email)


Hi Paul, well I was being somewhat facetious as I'm not actually planning a trip there at the moment. But I definitely -would- go if I can somehow make it happen and sure you could come along. Maybe we could make it a Tokyo Bloggers Roadtrip :) We'd have to invite Brian too since I first found it on his site... I'm going to try to get to Tokyo for 2-4 weeks this summer, when I get that trip planned I'll look into the options for heading south....

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