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Hmm... I'm getting weirdness with this. When I click on the bookmarklet, I get the following:

Can't use string ("3/8") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at lib/MT/App/CMS.pm line 637.

followed by:

MT::App::CMS=HASH(0x835290c) Reference found where even-sized list expected at extlib/Dav/MT/parser/parsers/IMDBParser.pm line 47.

Dav Coleman

That's the bug I fixed with verion 0.9.1

Sorry about that.


This is a little tangential, but all these links to the imdb on everybody's blog is a bit of a pieve of mine. I know how to look up a movie on imdb easily enough without a million bloggers' assistance. Really, what you ought to be linking to is the official movie site, (which is almost always listed on imdb.) I suppose that I know how to look that up on imdb.com, too, but it takes 4 or more steps. But just in principle, shouldn't the movie's official site, and not the movie's imdb entry be the Web page that "stands for" the movie?


I think it is better to lead to a standard format for the links. I like the organizational aspect of that.

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