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Joe Germuska

Cool. I've just spent an hour or so working on a Friendster spider -- my thought was to export a FoaF file from the data. It wouldn't be a very good FoaF file, since it wouldn't have mboxes, but...

Anyway, like you, I'm just learning Python, but I did come across this cookie library which might help you get closer to publishing your code (and saving me the trouble of finishing... er, reinventing the wheel!)

I just discovered headmap from your archived email message related to this posting. It looks right up my alley...


FYI: http://www.qrivy.net/friendgrapher.html

My take on friendster visualisation. Requires a Java VM.


I'm a student at the University of Washington in Seattle, and I am interested in doing an econometrics based project on friendster. Essentially, I'm looking to crawl friendster network and find the degree of correlation between one's sex, possibly location, and interest, with the number of people in their network.
My coding skills are dismal at best, and I would very appreciate your help, or perhaps you sharing some of your code that I could modify to complete my project.

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