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I didn't say it was the best show I've seen in San Francisco. I -did- say "this was the best live music and the funniest show I've seen in a long time, maybe in years," is that what you meant?

Now that you mention it, it was one of the best. Not sure what the best was though... The first Incredibly Strange Wrestling show I went to, at the Transmission Theater, was up there too. I forgot who the band was but they were good and the crowd was a lot of fun.

Hey I think you meant to put Jason's name in your post, no? It looks like you're saying Lani's in the photo you link to. (she's not)


Well when your drunk Irish-American ass was slurring comments to me in the soviet surf-roletariat din it sounded like you said "best show I'd seen in San Francisco."

Was missing a closing in an anchor tag for Jason and Ahn Chi, thanks for the head's up.


So are you going to correct your inaccurate attribution or is hell going to freeze over?

Dav Coleman

What are you yapping about?


I was trying to gently point out your libelous ways, but some folks can't take a hint.

I suppose I'll have to sick Lawrence Lessig on your arse.


Huh? Have you been dipping into my liquid meth jug again?

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