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Thank you very much, i'm $7 richer. I read about the Superformula in a spanish journal, i seek for information in the net and i found an interesting web page, http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/~pbourke/ (probably the page that your friend found) but not the paper from Gielis. I implemented the Superformula in Matlab language to draw it, and then i wrote a script for 3DStudio, to test some 3D models build from these "supershapes". A good way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon?

I'm sorry, i have no idea about Java Programming,
but i promise to have a look on your code. Ah, sorry about my english!


For the superformula in 3D see

Joanna G

This is amazing! This "Superformula" describes just a circle but when we start changing 6 parameters we can get- I don't hestitate to say it- every shape which exists in nature!!! One parameter changes a circle into a elipse, another a triangle into a square. When we change all of them we get a figure with different shape, amount of edges, bigger or smaller symmetry. We can not even recognize the prototype. I admire Mr John Gielis for inventing "Superformula":)


We have to remember that the nature doesn't know any numbers. Those are stricly human invention and are used by us to explain or only describe our universe. Mathematik - science - is just the way of our understanding, a language in which we communicate to speak about the phenomenons around us. That's way I think that everything is possible to be contain in such formulas(even in one-major), but they don't determine anything, so our superformula isn't a discovery, it's rather an invention; and certainly it is not a revolution in science. /Gregorius, Poland


A simple generator of pretty shapes I did a while ago:


You're welcome to post any comments in the forum!


I modified my "3D landscape" thingy (http://www.brite.electric-chipmunk.com/index.php?page=landscape) and used a slightly modified superformula. Effects are interesting:

Martin Rapacz

It's realy amazing! JOHAN GIELIS FROM ANTWRPIA IS GENIUS!!! Now every game can use this formula to create real world in our PC!!! You deserve to NOBEL!!!

/sorry, I now that my English isn't very good, but I'm 16 and I'm from Poland (we speak polish in this country :)

Thx to WIEDZA I ZYCIE (scientific American in USA)

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