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You're not old!! Dino is in reference to that big furry dino costume/outfit that I got for you. You know, the one with the big tail that waggles back and forth and makes me want to yank it...I like it when you wear that : ) So there you have it, Dino.


ooh, you have me intriqued. I want to hear the audio blog from the blogger that got mugged!! But I don't think the url is right, it just goes back to your homepage... by the way, i love that pen you got for mie!


Oops, fixed the link. Thanks Laura!

Samy Rengasamy

Thanks for your blogpost.pl.
I did get to use it. Inspite of default text formatting set as 'convert-line-breaks', the
posted mail text does not retain the line breaks.
How can I fix this.

I am new to Blogging and I did not know how to contact you.


dude, that rocks. i'm thoroughly impressed.


Thanks 1.1814 (phi) :)


Nice use of the Anoto pen, if you are looking in to recognition try to look at Decuma.com which is a company based just hundreds of meters from Anoto main office, works real well.


I was thinking dino = dynamo = dynomite!


You are the coolest guy on the internet. Seriously.

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