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That is hillarious! But I don't remember any reference to this arch enemy during that time? Maybe it was more than you could bear to talk about. You should send him an email....


Crap, that IS a hard one to top!! Geez, the whole world knows about it. (thinks rapidly for something better to say) But who knows, maybe the communications with the first Rover stopped last week because -his- portion of the program f'ed up. He could be close to getting fired right now!

BTW, I have no idea who Scott Maxwell is, but I always thought you and Eric were the top two coders. And seeing as how Eric, in lieu of a car radio, has a freaking computer with Windows XP installed in his dashboard, I think he has a slight edge. For crying out loud, he's got a freaking wireless network IN HIS CAR! That's some serious geekness there. (oh, gotta love it.)


Oh come on, what self-respecting geek would put Windows XP in their dashboard? It's gotta be *nix, baby. Besides, anyone can buy one of those wifi dashboard mp3 players these days

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