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you & mie make such a great couple - you ROCK! i think it's great you saw Match; you're too young to be familiar with Frank Langella, but i've always thought he was underappreciated. he's very low profile when he's not working. i love nyc, but SF must be unique. their demos are always better than anywhere else's. welcome home!


Looks like a blast. Great QTVR of Danzig's balcony; what an apartment. I sure hope I can nail a decent gig there for the summer, but that may be doubtful.

But listen, friend: the Supreme Master From The East can always recognize an off-duty stripper when he sees one. Forget that at your peril.


You live in NYC, Jean? Thanks for the compliments, btw.

Sean. You should really try to make a NYC summer happen!

Boris Anthony

more dotmatrix music:

Saw a performance of this about 4 years ago. Was awesome. :)


ah me brother Dav, great to see ya. yeah, GAME is like a chilled out Rage of soulness w/a nice electronic vibe. good front man, like Zach, too.

ex-stripper, not off-duty. in her time she was good, though.



Love the QTVR. Could you let me know how you do that? I"d really like to give it a try... Was great to see you!

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