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I can definitely relate to what you're saying re: convergence/being prepared for something. It's happening alot in my life these days with my acting/music/book etc. It's like you can almost see what it's going to be but not quite. At least not yet...

It's so cool that you're seeing these types of serendipitous moments. Stick with it man, I know you're going to figure this out and come up with something amazing. You're definitely one of the sharpest guys I know!



Enjoyed the post. I've been thinking along the same lines for a bit now, and am applying to MIT's Media Lab to get some projects underway. If that falls through, I've got time and ideas (but few skills ;P). I'd be happy to help in any way. Looking for more sites and communities, too, in the MoSoSo realm and such, if you know of any. Keep on keepin' on!

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