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Holly Ward

Well, I recently bought a 3-pack of replacement styluses (stylii?) for my Palm PDA. They're very thin, and if you pop the little end cap off, there is a ball-point pen underneath. You could probably rig a bookmark to hold it. You can see a picture of them at http://www.flickr.com/photos/hollyward/104418642/

Since they come in packs of three, I have more than I need, so if you like you can have one of them. Thanks for the tip about the Post-Its.

- Holly Ward


hey! Jenn and I have been using this technique in our cooking magazines for a couple years. She came up with the idea after we wanted to make a recipe again and spent *forever* leafing through all our magazines tryng to find it.

Edward Grefenstette

This is actually a brilliant idea. Yet so simple... I suppose that's what makes things like this brilliant (and oft' overlooked).

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