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Works well, although if you haven't ever installed the localization stuff you may have a few things to work through on Windows (see http://wiki.rubyonrails.com/rails/pages/iconv/ for details).

I also had to fix one thing when using the 0.9.0 version of this: almost every spot in the files where "first_name" is used turns out to have two references to "first_name" and none to "last_name". Key ones include migration_login_sugar.rb, _edit.rhtml, user_controller.rb, user_notify.rb (multiple times).


I'm trying to use this under Rails 1.1.2. I had to change the name of the migration class from "LoginSugar" to "MigrationLoginSugar". I got one error in the functional tests (test_delete) and
and two failures (test_forgot_password, test_signup). These failures were similar to the ones in the original SHLG; setting use_instantiated_fixtures in test_helper.rb didn't help. I was unable to signup until I fixed lib/clock.rb (at() and now() were defined as instance methods, but called as class methods in models/user.rb). Then I was able to signup and confirm, but my session disappeared when I navigated off the welcome page, and subsequent logins are unsuccessful.

In short: not confidence-inspiring. It's frustrating, as the features are just what I need. I'm going to go the acts_as_authenticated route, which is more labor-intensive, but at least I'll understand how it works at every step of the way.


Roger, lines 76-79 or the README explain what you have to do with the migration script:

"This model is meant as an example and you should extend it. Rename it to db/migrate/###_login_sugar.rb where ### is the
proper new migration level. If this is your first migration for this rails project, use 001."

This is not supported under Rails 1.1.2, as stated in the announcement "All of the tests pass on Rails 1.1.[4-6]".

To be more clear, it it is only tested for rails 1.1.4 and up.

I'm not sure if that is why your tests were failing or not, but I would suspect so.

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