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In the new show Studio 60, the writer and producer characters are forced to abandon a movie project. It's mentioned off-handedly that it is a movie about Nikola Tesla. Teslas everywhere!

Miss Lizard

You know, I was searching for blog articles about seizures and found this.  If you want to make it safer for people with epilepsy (or unsuspecting people without epilepsy who are still prone to photosensitive seizures) you can make the size of the graphic smaller.  Flashy things are bad, but big flashy things are worse, since feild of vision plays into it to some extent.  :)

Dav Yaginuma

Oooops. Sorry, I made it smaller. And took the 'seizure' tag off for good measure.

Miss Lizard

Is no problem.  Give me a cape and spandex, and I'll say "I'm here to inform!" or something, and then fly off.

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