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I don't think this can be looked at as any kind of turning point where Burning Man starts loosing it's purity. For a lot of people that was true when they started selling tickets, or started permitting vehicles, or whatever.
You got me to remember something most burners don't know, but I see as a demonstration of how the most commercial of the commercial are already involved in the event. Marion told me a few years ago Walmart contacts them to make sure they have up to date hours and locations. And you will find directions to the local Nevada Walmart and K-Mart stores right there are burningman.com. They don't go without some disparaging remarks, but I see it as a successful example of balancing free market capitalism while still keeping the playa commercial free.
From the sound of it, this is more about getting energy company execs to experience Burning Man. I hope this means they will bring what they learn back to the default world, not make the playa more like the default world.

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