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[this is good] LOL This is too good. Chutes and Ladders!


seriously, I love the dedicated mirror.

what were the 80's for if not leather jackets, ambiguous mustachery, and coke?

Dav Yaginuma

I remember winning coke mirrors with things like AC/DC logos on them at the county fair in the late 70's. I didn't know what they were actually for until years later. I just hung them on my wall.


the photo set of the cocaine party is set to private!  i wanted to see them.  

Dav Yaginuma

Yeah, I guess the threat of lawsuits scared the original poster.

If you go to the photoshopped set, just imagine the innocuous substitutions as being lines of cocaine or a poster of either a 1) delorean with the caption "things go better with coke" or 2) duran duran

Virginia Luther


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