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Aren't they kind of a punk band for 7-14 year old girls?  I think I catered an MTV Bat Mitzvah once where they were the main attraction...

Dav Yaginuma

Wtf are you talking about? No.

Tom Taylor

LOL - Sorry.  I think that's BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE.

My Bloody Valentine is from Ireland. 80s - 90s band.

Dav Yaginuma

Ha ha. Seriously thanks for clearing that up, Tom. I thought Treb had lost his mind.


My bad... I should have consulted the Google before commenting.  The band I was thinking about was actually 'My Chemical Romance', and it was MTV's My Super Sweet 16 that I catered.  Ah, that link brings back memories...

Dav Yaginuma

Ha, that MTV link totally crashed Safari.

I heard of My Chemical Romance, don't really know anything about them though.

MBV is another thing altogether. They're like one of those bands like the Melvins that never got as big as the subsequent bands they influenced.

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