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Gary - NZ

And to complete the linkage between my comments elsewhere, here's a slightly humourous Zen Koan reference for you... (there's the essence of Zen in the Haiku)...

"a monk walks up to a side walk hot dog vendor and says...make me one, with everything"


I killed chickens and watched the slaughter of my favorite pig( I was the one assigned to fatten it up for my sis b-day). I tell you, meat taste so much better when you raise it yourself. My family in the Philippines still raise chicken and pig, I bet you, the rest of the developing nations still do it. "People" living in the west ( USA ) have the luxury to choose what they eat. I guess what I am trying to say is people here are lucky they can be a vegan or fruitarian because they can afford to. I agree that people here are so detached of how a particular food is prepared or how it went from a cow to steak.
When I made "escabeche" ( Whole fish, tail and head) some of my friends went "yuck". They've never seen a whole fish served like that, only fillet. I eat everything, hey, I'm on top of the food chain baby! Does this make sense? I'm just rambling but I guess I don't need a license to eat meat, I think most people here need one or at least educate themselves about proper diet! Too unhealthy(obese) people!!!

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