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This movie stoked my wanderlust. Then it picked up my wanderlust, tossed it repeatedly in the air, praised it lovingly, called it "the best
little wanderlust ever," fed it too much coffee and administered to my wanderlust a nearly-lethal dose of methamphetamine.

I loved the way the film captured the Travel Writer's Dilemma -- that is, when you witness something wonderful you really want to share it with your friends, your family and the world. But each time someone writes about or photographs or films a great place they're speeding the process that will destroying the wonder in that place. They're beckoning the tour buses and the pollution and the souvenir shops.

Anyway, one of the movie's train-hopper kids bemoans this and tells the filmmaker that it's just not cool to film this, to spread the word about train hopping. He goes on and on about how great train hopping is and how publicity will kill it. Then she asks him why he agreed to be
interviewed, to take part in the film and tell the world the wonders of train hopping.

In that moment he embodies the Travel Writer's Dilemma. He pauses with a pained expression for that moment, then he prattles on again about how
great train hopping is and how bad it is that people want to publicize it.

The kid is just like Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Paul Theroux, and the maker of this movie. They're all guilty of saying what a pity it is that great things are being publicized, while simultaneously adding to that publicity. Now Dav is too.

Three travelers can keep a secret -- if three of them are dead.


There's no way that if you respect the rails would you be out there making it shine all bright for the general public, It's an underground world and needs to stay that way.

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