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Hmm.. re: "bizarre electronic slide guitar" It might be the dobro. (My dad plays one.) RE: the 'Like you care.' comment at the end: can't speak for anyone else, but hell ya, I care! I love reading about your daily life; how else am -I- supposed to cyberstalk -you-? ;)


Hmm, I found some dobro photos on images.google.com ant I think that's too big to be the same thing. As for cyberstalking, you could hack into my machine and install some montoring devices like I did to your machine. It's great, let's me read all the mail and even turn on the microphone.


Hmm, I wondered why my computer is running slow. Well, I don't care if you listen on the microphone - Just as long as you don't hack the webcam. I only entertain Eric on that!!


wow i think this is such a wonderfull site i love it so much it makes me cream my jeans everytime i think and see this site especially because its about "VAN GOUGH" i have never thought that one man would be such and ensperation to me, i look up to that man for all he has done for the love of his art. thank you for listening to what i have to say because van would love that alot.


Wow, I agree with Jennifer, see i am an up and coming artist, and Van Gogh has really inspired me and even changed my life. It has made me really sit down and think about what i want in life. It has even made my sex life better, believe it or not. Every time i think of him i get all wet, and he really did a lot for his art, and became something. Well, thanks for listening to all i have to say, I hope everybody appreciates Vincent Van Gogh as much as i do!! And Gogh Baby...if you're reading this, I hope you realize how much i love you

Strong Bad

you have the worst site eva


u suck

pauline hendry

van gogh led a very tragic life yet all his feelings and emotions went in to his works of art.this is one of the reasons i admire him.he inspires me to go for my goals in life. x


i think that Van Gough is prety good for what i have seen of his work. Van Gough has inspires me woke harder in life


Well now, Anne Herbert is down with the band and she's thinking that expecting to be entertained leads to boredome and sloth, whilst entertaining your own (misbegotten) self leads to amazing grace when running for the bus (and other benefits) so I'd like to stand at the bus stop with Go Van Gough and hand out kazoos to the public transit populace and hum in resplendant 36 part harmony til we all have to go running after that pesky got-a-schedule-to-adhere-to bus, and give that driver a root tah tootin live concert he won't soon forget.


Hey, i was actually doing a Van Gough thing for school and I came across this website by accident. I agree with Jenifer, apart from the "cream my jeans" bit, and Van Gough is a total inspiration to people, esp. me. :-)
ps-about the "like you care" comment-if we didnt give a ****, why would we even be bothering to post these messages? So you are loved. Does that make you feel better?

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