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No, typing the words "chunky lover" have been a curse to my website. I've had 200 visitor in less than a day looking for info on Homer's e-mail address. Now I have to pay for the bloody bandwidth. Bloody Internet nerds. Doh!


Heh, yeah now I'm number 2 on the google search (Hi nerds!). I notice on your site, you mention that you didn't get a response when you emailed the address. I got a response when I emailed that address the night of the show: I emailed "Marge is hot ...and so is Mrs. K." and 'Homer' replied "I only love Marge ....and the fat little dixie chick."


Someone is actually selling the screen name on ebay!!


hey the person on ebay is sellin the wrong name... there selling chunckylover53... which has an extra C in there, its really chunkylover53


only just read this email on the simpsons today as an old tape i was watching that i taped a while back i think ? homer r you there

Nathan Rutherford Adventure Smith

if this is the most popular site in the world, why am i only the 5 or 6th to post to it? anyway, i'll do it in hopes of becoming famous.

Nathan Rutherford Adventure Smith

This is my real website and e-mail...just to keep you crazy cats up on the info.

Nathan Rutherford Adventure Smith

This is my real website and e-mail...just to keep you crazy cats up on the info.

ned flanders

homer is a son of a didly


homer u r my hero!!
p.s eat my shorts


What have you done to My son Bart,You must know that he really is my son by now.


Ha that is great, the episode played today

Dr. Gonzo

It's a crazy world when monkeys smoke cigarettes and pigs wear cosmetics, but what are you gonna do about it? That's what I'd like to know.


h homer wy you dont love ned


homer #1 yeah


Whoops -- that's how I got here. Wonder if anyone else saw the repeat tonight.



why do people run from me?


D'oh! I forgot to check my email, silly me.

Matt Goening

Why don't you guys get a life and I will worry about the Simpson's. And If you are attracted to any of The Simpson's characters...........

Bluesquiggle The Vectorgrad

I knew as soon as that ep. was out there'd be a mother fucker of a scramble as about five hundred thousand people symultaniously try to chage their e-mail adress to chunkylover53... although i actually twocked them from Supr.org. So if anyone here is a rozzer or some internet crime fighting superhero, I actually live in an airship. And there's a lot of sky up there.
oh, and my freind wants his site name bandied about the net too, so www.funandjames.com it is. There.


Wow, there's 1,280 hits on chunkylover53 now at google. And you're number one and number two. Who'da thunk it?

By the way, I'm going through your entire blog (but not the comments) and converting the whole thing to an MP3 using my text-to-speech program. I'll be through it sometime next week, I reckon, give or take.

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