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As a mother, news like that makes me cringe (and hug my children tighter.) And as a mother, my focus on it was on the damage & hurt to the children, not so much the governmental policies behind it. At the same time, I read it and wondered whether or not they (N. Korea citizens) think that policy is acceptable - since the article also states that all babies of high-ranking government officals are removed at the age of 2 to break the family bonds and re-enforce loyalty (hmm, life-long brainwashing) is that something they get used to, thus just basically passing on tradition? To expand on that, the officials that carry out this triplet-removing law are probably the same ones that were removed from their homes when they were little, so it may not seem a big deal to them. I'm sure at some level they believe it is not only justified, but some type of requirement. Kind of like the barbaric custom in America of circumcision. Most everyone does it because everyone before them did it. But because of that, it's not seen in a bad light, in fact, one is considered "wrong" when they don't do it (instead of the other way around). Perhaps in N. Korea, it's the same way -the triplets, the removal of the children of officials at age 2, all of that is custom. Ridiculous or horrendous to others, but perfectly acceptable to them.

(just my two cents. although at 2:15am, *yawn* it's probably not worth even that much.)


I don't think the parents think it's OK, I think they're living under a dictatorship and don't have any choice (one as bad and probably worse than the one the U.S. is at war with right now).

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