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moronic gibberish is not a double dactyl in most standard dialects of american english.


True (I assume you're talking about moronic), but colloquially it's often pronounced in a dactylic fashion (especially when ranting), which is good enough for me. Double Dactyls are more like limericks than high art, after all.

John Abbe

Not quite there (racked my brains but couldn't come up with six syllables of a compassion-rooted word), but then i don't know her :)

Hug-a-hug Hug-a-hug
Julia Butterfly
She's a tree hugger who
does it with style

Even with Luna hurt
She didn't turn to hate
Compassionately she
cried and then smiled

Dav Coleman

Hey that's a pretty good start.... damn, now I gotta really come up with one.

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