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Huh, I guess this was a meme who's time had come, twelve hours after I posted this a post on the Rarotonga Sheraton showed up coincidentally on BoingBoing...


I just went to their website. Carla Sinclair sounds so familiar- I think she had some sort of girlie website *back in the day* that I liked. Do you remember? It had a paper doll you could dress up and other neat stuff.


This looks like heaven on earth.



Yeah, I remember showing you that site, circa 1994, as evidence that this "Internet" thing wasn't just a geek playground.

Chuck Swenson

Hart Island is a thin spit of land just off the Bronx shore, at the western edge of Long Island Sound. It is off limits to the public and has been used as a Potters field for all of New York City. At various times it has also been a pow camp, a sanitarium, and a missile base. Check out the photographs taken of the island. Joel Sternfeld and Melinda Hunt's "Hart Island: Discovery of an Unknown Territory."


Does anyone know of a fictional book about corruption in the islands where a man tries to begin a newspaper in a tin shed and talks of a hotel not completed (obvious reference to the Sheraton Rarotonga). I have read it years ago and cannot remember author or title.

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