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Sweet! I'll be there too, this year as a student volunteer... I've evolved from überleech to demileech.


I will see you there! I am also planning, since I'll be in California for the first time, to rent a car and drive up to L.A. and San Francisco after the conf. Just bum around, you know. ;)


I'm going to be there too - but that's not why I am writing. Just wanted to let you know that for some reason your globe applet crashed my Firebird 0.7 on Windows. Reproducible, too - Twice when I went to http://akuaku.org/ instant hang, then crash. I don't know if this is due to some peculiarity of my setup or not, but thought you would want to know.


P.S. I am staying at the same hostel - I got to your page by clicking the link on the room sharing page.

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