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Kudos for adding the update! All too often Weblog authors (including, maybe even ESPECIALLY, the most widely-read Weblog authors) don't check up on "facts" they repeat, and even refuse to correct exaggerations or even outright factual errors after being notified of them. Thanks for bucking the trend and understanding the importance of fairness and accuracy. If only we could make that the accepted practice and attitude among Weblogs, we might plug up that hole in society that newspapers once filled.


yes, thanks dav. i'm in agreement with sean, that any clarity is useful in extreme statements. i've already sent boingboing to friends who were freaking out on the original story in the guardian. i commend you for updating!


Thanks guys. I toyed with the idea of just removing the post when I realized I fell for a ruse, but decided it was more valuable as a reminder to myself to not be slack in critical analysis just because something might support -my- agenda.

There's a good summary of the brouhaha in today's SF Chronicle too:

Pentagon-sponsored climate report sparks hullabaloo in Europe
But new ice age unlikely, Bay Area authors of study say


Oops, forgot I turned off HTML linking (damn you spammers). Here's the URL:


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