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The three "unintended communities" on my blog include a post on Japanese racism, a post on the illustrator Chris Van Allsburg, and a post on Samoan tautaus (tatoos.)


This is definitely one of my favorites, at Parker Thompson's site:

(believe it or not he's actually edited out a ton of them. not sure why he would bother...)

Boris Anthony

From Joi's site, the two most active entries, comments wise are:
1- about GPS jammers (people asking for diagrams)
2- MP3 player for Nokia 6600 (the post was about moblogging.. go figure)

There is also an ongoing raging debate about the health risks of Diet Coke with quite regular comments. And others... ;)


This is not a HUGE unintended community but it is a very strange one:

Note that the first comment on this post didn't appear until more than a year after the post appeared, and now a whole slew of comments continues to be posted there, the latest appearing this morning.

They all come from separate IP addresses so I don't think they're from the same person (w/ the exception of two people who each commented twice).

My theory is that with every new boneheaded comment along these lines, there are more search terms added that will attract boneheads googling for misspelled childish sex terms... Thereby attracting more comments of the same type.



Just found another one over at danah's blog. This one is full of mutants.


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