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Ah, now should I expect the shelves in the closet with your T-shirts to be impeccably folded, sorted by color, stacked ever so neatly? I'll gladly continue to do the laundry so you can hone your skills :)


Ninja folding rules!

We will no longer fold the shirts with the stinky pants western method.


Ha! I love it! Naturally, I just went and practised on different shirts all over my house. It took me a bit to get the hang of it, but the shirts look great! Now, can you post a way to fold fitted sheets?


What the -hell- did I just do to my shirt...?


fantabulous method!


Folding fitted sheets - easy.
Wrong side facing you - turn the bottom two corners inside out and tuck into the top corners.
Turn right corner (doubled now)inside out and tuck into left. All four corners are tucked into one corner. Neatly fold in long sides and top of rectangle. Fold in half lengthwise into a strip.
Fold strip in thirds - I do; it fits my 12" deep linnen cabinet. Adjust folds for your needs. That is for a full sized sheet. You have to make adjustments for King/Queen.


Haha, only issue I found is that it is a little bit out of poportion when folding xl t-shirts, lol.

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