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    Star Wars: Han Solo
    liked it
    tagged: graphic-novels
    See you at the 7: Stories From the Bay Area's Last Original Mile House
    it was amazing
    There's a little dive pub (turns out actually not a dive anymore) I'd been meaning to go to for years, and finally stopped by a couple of weeks back. I love checking out the old San Francisco spots that persist through the decades and ha...
    The Undefeated
    really liked it
    Wonderful poem and great illustrations.

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    RE: "Perhaps enhanced human intelligence would be like LSD that actually worked, and even for more than 8 hours."

    What does "actually worked" mean? What's the objective? What would LSD have to do in his estimation to "work?"


    I believe he meant actually expanded the mind into a new state, like from a transumanist point of view.

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