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Dear my delicious dino golfzilla,

I am so touched! This is absolutely the best valentine *ever* and I'll treasure it even when I'm wrinkled, shriveled, barely hobbling, and just happy knitting your next fuzzy hat.

Actually, I wonder if there is some connection since I'm always freezing anyway, and as you've noticed, I have strange ways of doing things that must be out of this world from your perspective...

Maybe we can go check out these lumps of sugar.



That has got to be the cutest thing I've read since ages. There is some hope for fat computers geeks like me afterall... :)

Anyway, you two really make a nice (online) couple.


A "nice online couple"? EXCUSE ME please?
You two are *the nicest, smoochiest* couple from here to Sagittarius B2, online or off. Especially offline!

You guys are so sweet Sagittarius B2 will get a toothache and a sugar rush once you go check out these lumps of sugar.

Aadil.mu, just keep on writing geek code ;)
(and don't come along to S. B2 or your diet will go out the window).
(just kidding).


Please forgive my ignorance, my lady! ;)

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