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// rez a row of prims, passing them their "address" in the grid
rez_row(string object, integer row, integer columns, vector offset)
integer i;

for(i = 0; i , );
countdown = 16*16;

// When I rez an object, bring it in to my link set
object_rezzed(key id)
llCreateLink(id, TRUE);
countdown -= 1;


That's the problem with being a super-villain, you get thwarted by stupid software. Those for() loops both got trashed because of the "less than" symbol in them.

they should both be something like "for(i = 0; i less-than rows/columns; i++)"

Eh, you're a smart cookie, you can figure out what I'm getting at. The script in the prims should have an "on_rez" that does something smart with the parameter they're passed, like sending it and their UUID back to the root prim in a link message.

Robert J Berger

So where is the Ruby code for the "server" side? I would love to see such an example in Ruby!

Have you done any other LSL coding?



Hello, I'm led to believe that one can have dynamic photo serving in SL if you set the photo(s) up through the parcel video media URL. Reference lslwiki.com/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=llParcelMediaCommandList It makes for a bit of a hackjob, but it can be done.


Huzzah! Second Life now supports HTTP calls. All is well. In fact, here is a very cool example, made last year, of exactly what you are trying to do:


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