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Fiona Ramsey

Hi Dav,

I see that you're in the San Francisco area and wanted to invite you (and anyone else interested!) to a Kiva fundraiser/party at Dragon Bar in SF on May 11. We're celebrating our recent successes - partnering in our 11th country and releasing the new website - and want to invite everyone who's helped make it happen.

For more information check out our event listing at www.kiva.org/about under Kiva News, or drop me an email.

Thanks for the support, and hope to see you there!

Fiona Ramsey
Community Relations and Operations Manager


I really like this! Hopefully Will & I can participate as well. Thanks for sharing!

Ms. Jen


Thanks for giving the heads up on this. I will definitely participate.

smiles, jen ;o)


So, is the Kiva program still active? I cannot find a working website.


It's still in operation, I think they're just having web site troubles at the moment. Check back again later at http://kiva.org/


Hi Dav,

I am a fan of Kiva as well. In fact, I had the privilege of being at a presentation given by Premal Shah, Kiva's president, when he came to the University of San Francisco.

I recorded the event and decided to share it with you. You can find it here:


In fact he mentions the website problems after they were featured in a PBS show!

Best wishes, Tiago

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