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+1 for Sky. Not too too hippie.

If you name your daughter Bevmo, though, I may have to personally throw you a kegger. And you will have to pay for her therapy. ;)


I like Spy.

If you want to make it cooler, go for Spy Patrol Yaginuma.

What about Ruby?

Dav Yaginuma

Bevmo, I know you were somewhat fated to end up in AA, but look on the bright side: we didn't name you Twobuck Chuck.

Spy Patrol! I love it.

I considered Ruby, It's like Ada in a way, and will probably be just as dead of a language by the time she's an adult. But if I had to pick a programming language to name my daughter after I suppose it would be a good choice. Of course Java is also a place, so that meets even more criteria. Perl's not a bad name either, but everyone would spell it wrong.

Georgia Lynn

Ok. Since others are giving their opinions.... For three letters - I like the name Day. Did you say somewhere that you're a poet? Haiku is pretty. It includes the name Aiku, the dancer you met.

You're brave for posting all your name ideas. When we went through the name process for our kiddies, sooo many people made faces at all the names they didn't like, usually because they knew someone with that name who they didn't like. With each child, we got to a point where we just stopped telling people our ideas. Then after the babies were born, the permanence of the names we chose seemed to close people's mouths. Plus, we chose great names for us. Savannah, the African grassland (and my name is Georgia); Seth - quietly strong; and Arwen - our faerie princess muse. And I agree, wait 'til you see the baby.

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