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Laura Fisher

Baby names, huh.. There's no hard set rule about having just 3 names you know. Give her 4. Or 5. How about Leeloo's full name from the movie the 5th element? Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat. Or what about using a nickname to make the recursive name. e.g. RAY. First name (spelling variation of Raven) Rayven, with a middle name starting with A. (Or any first name with the first three letters the same... Raylise, Rayette, Raya, Rayyah, Ray.) Then you could call her Ray for short, and it would still be her initials.

Or even better, what about Xeni Rayven Ann Yaginuma, then you could call her x-ray for short. :)


Thinking of her being named Yay(!) made me laugh out loud. Also, have to iksnay the Fly - she would be teased relentlessly (like Squish the Fly, Swat the Fly, Shut up Fly Strip, etc...). I do like Xeni, esp the XY - maybe her middle name could be "And" or "Meets"? :) This is hard!!!

Ezra Cooper

I support "Daughtr." You could obscure the datedness of it by going with the Scandinavian tradition of "Dottir," or Dottr in this case.

I also support XRAY. How cool would it be to have a girl in your class with initials XRAY??


How cool it is that your daughter will look back decades from now at this conversation coming up with a name for her!

You should make audio/video recordings now too, timeshifted messages to her. Maybe set up a process on a server somewhere to mail selected messages to her decades down the line.

How about "Sly?"

Or "Mie 2.0"


I love Sean's idea of setting up future emails to her. Once we have a domain name for her, let's do that so we can begin writing stuff just to her. We'll just have to be careful not to inundate her so that she's overwhelmed with all our babble. Man, I'm jealous of her generation already! I'd have loved to read my mom and dad's blog!


Spy is a cool name!

E Jetmar

Remember that this name is most of all to make your daughter happy throughout her life, and not you. I mean, she is a person, not an art project, and she'll be the one who'll have to live with it. So pick something that you honestly think will contribute to *her* living a happy and successful life, and being happy with her name. This shouldn't be something you do for yourself, but something you give to her.

You don't know whether she'll be more on the "out there" side of life, or more traditional. You don't know whether she'll be flamboyant or shy, etc. So you should pick names that you think would work for her in any event throughout her life. This name will have to help her in job interviews, help her be popular in school, etc. This is a gift to your daughter.

I always think since you don't know what kind of person she'll be, a good compromise is to pick one name that is interesting and rare, but combine it with one that is fairly traditional. That way, if she hates her odd first name, she can have people call her by her traditional middle name, and vice versa.

I actually liked Tesla Rhea (or Tesla Ray). Belle and John named their first daughter Zoe -- a nice name, fairly traditional, and has THREE LETTERS. Zoe Xeni Yaginuma? I'm not sure about this recursive thing -- she is a child and not a computer. But if you like the X-ray thing, how about Xeni Ray Yaginuma (or X. Ray Yaginuma for short)? I personally like Viola and Estelle for girls, but I guess that's too traditional for you. Actually, Xenia is an ancient Latin name that I like a lot. My Latin teacher in high school named his daughter Xenia, and everyone (including herself) thought it was a great name -- rare and interesting, but still traditional. Xenia Rhea Yaginuma? Xenia Ray Yaginuma?

At least give her something that she could use later should she not be into weird names at some point in her life. Even if it's just a third name. She'll thank you for it later. This is just my 2c, of course.

E Jetmar

ps -- I really like Zoe Xenia Yaginuma.

It has 3 letters, it has the XYZ thing going on, it is *very* pretty but also cool, and it is interesting but at the same time very traditional.

So that's my personal contest entry here.

E Jetmar

ps -- I really like Zoe Xenia Yaginuma.

It has 3 letters, it has the XYZ thing going on, it is *very* pretty but also cool, and it is interesting but at the same time very traditional.
Alternatively Xenia Zoe Yaginuma.

So that's my personal contest entry here.

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