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Matteo Vaccari

It works perfectly. You should submit this to the dev team!


This solution worked well, sans one issue. When using in_place_edit_for any field whose value was cleared by the edit would no longer be editable. So, I cracked open the code and made use of the (unused) options parameter to pass in a value to be used when the update results in an empty value. The new parameter is :empty_text. Here's the code:

ActionController::Macros::InPlaceEditing::ClassMethods.class_eval do
def in_place_edit_for(object, attribute, options = {})
define_method("set_#{object}_#{attribute}") do
@item = object.to_s.camelize.constantize.find(params[:id])
@item.update_attribute(attribute, params[:value])
display_value = params[:value].empty? && options[:empty_text] ? options[:empty_text] : @item.send(attribute)
render :text => display_value

Julian Guppy

I am also trying to do this in_place_edit and have also found that after it is blanked and updated the field becomes unclickable. I tried jfoxny code but couldn't get it to work. jfoxny can you post an example of it being used... or where you placed this snippet also inside extensions.rb?

Julian (not a noob, but not an expert either)


Hey Julian, I am sure you figured this out, but for others, like myself, who did not "get" what to do with jfoxny's addition right off the bat, all you need to do is add the :empty_text parameter to the in_place_edit_for call in your controller...
class UsersController '...'

His snippet also lives within the extension class. I hope this helps... only a month late :)


this code no longer works with rails 1.2.2...does anyone have a patch?


For 1.2.2

ActionView::Helpers::InstanceTag.class_eval do
attr_writer :nil_content_replacement

def value(object)
unless object.nil?
v = object.send(@method_name)
if @nil_content_replacement.nil?
return v
(v.nil? || v.to_s.strip=='') ? @nil_content_replacement : v


Does not work for me, i get following error:

wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)
Extracted source (around line #87):

#{RAILS_ROOT}/lib/extensions.rb:16:in `in_place_editor_field'

in extensions.rb i have at this line:

tag.to_content_tag(tag_options.delete(:tag), tag_options) +

Same if I change this line to:
tag.to_content_tag(tag_options.delete(:tag), tag_options) + in_place_editor(tag_options[:id], in_place_editor_options)
tag.to_content_tag(tag_options.delete(:tag), tag_options)

What could be the problem?


mkezys: I had the same problem. Turns out the implementation of value() in the post is incorrect. It should be

def value(object)


def value

Cussen's comment above has it defined correctly. That's why you get the "wrong number of args" error


Nothing suggested in this thread worked for me (Rails 2.0.2) but after much hair-pulling, I had an AHA! moment. I put a bit of CSS at the top of my template:

.in_place_editor_field:after {
content: url(/images/edit_entry_12.png)

Basically, CSS dynamically inserts the a small image into the , giving you something to click on when the is otherwise empty. You can also use "content:'some text'" instead of an image, but that looks ugly.

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