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Paul Moment

Hi Dav. I'm a webmonkey working out of Seattle. Sorry for using your comment form -- I couldn't find a contact link.

A current project I'm trying to wrap up is this site: http://www.bonfuturefund.org. The client ran across the Geosphere on someone elses page. They really like the functionality and want it to replace the Flash map I created on this page: http://www.bonfuturefund.org/wp/purchase-prayer-flags/ (at the bottom).

I'm contacting you to see what it would cost to modify the applet such that a) it had actual photographic overlays on the globe wireframe, b) the background color is changeable, c) the color and/or icon for the markers could be changeable, and d) you could zoom back out after zooming in.

Possible? The applet is cool and is the perfect foundation for what my client's looking for.

Thx in advance! (and sorry again about using your blog this way)


We also received a letter from California Corporate Headquarters, Compliance Division. (We are a non-profit company in Massachusetts). On the envelope it said, "This is not a Government Document." Made us suspicious. We tried to contact the company to request an extension, and was told that a person would call us back. No response. We tried to call again and the person that answered said "the company is not available," and took my name and said someone would call me back. The charge $150 to keep a copy of your minutes on file. Beware of the address:
California Corporarate Headquarters
Compliance Division
2443 Fair Oaks Boulevard #539
Sacramento, California 95825


I am a Chief Compliance Officer for an investment firm in Connecticut. I received this letter today requesting $150 from California Corporate Headquarters. I also called them and there was no one available to speak with me. I typed in their address in Yellowbook.com and lo and behold they don't exist. This is a scam. I would suggest anyone who receives this letter to forward it to your Attorney General's Office immediately.



Yes, I received a similar letter, but the address was to
State Corporate Compliance
916 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814-2703
and the form was 4780C
fyi, if it seems skeptical, don't fall for it, it probably IS a scam!


I did receive the same thing but from a slight different name and address:
Business Division
3053 Freeport Blvd #310
Sascramento, CA 94518

Note: I remember filing a similar statement online 1-1/2 to 2 years ago through the CA govt. website. I think if it's a legit requirement then it could also be done online. Also, if there is a note in front of the envelope stating "THIS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT" then you should just throw those annoying letters that intends to scam you.


If you have been a victim of this fraud, take note, there is a class action lawsuit commencing. If you would like to opt-in please e-mail cramey@rameylawfirm.com. Thank you for your assistance



I received a notice from Corporation Compliance Recorder of PO Box 66186, Los Angeles, CA 90066. It looks like an official document requesting $125. Do not be deceived. It is fraudulent. A note at the bottom says "this service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency". I almost sent a check!!! America is swarming with scammers!!

California Business Lawyer

Dante - not every government filing can be made online; in fact, most cannot. But California's Statement of Information can be filed online here: https://businessfilings.sos.ca.gov/

My California business law blog has some more information about these unofficial documents / soliciations which may be of interest: http://californiabusinesslaw.blogspot.com/2007/01/california-corporate-compliance-annual.html


ok... so here's the latest on this scam.
I'm the co-founder of a new non-profit in california and have now recieved two of these letters... one requesting 150.00 and the latest requesting 175.00 and well here's the address included for those of you out there wondering...

Corporate Compliance Filings
9175 Keifer Blvd # 336
Sacramento, CA 95826

Either way I'm glad I took the time to do some research on this!


California residents should go here to report these scumbags:


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