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Dav Yaginuma

I met Brandy and Tom! Good people, and as a bonus I learned they are from my hometown, more or less (aka Whiskeytown).It was good to see the Brewery again too. (B&T, you've got a place to crash in SF on your west coast tour)

Dav Yaginuma

aka Brandy in Pink.


Woohoo! I just figured out what that orange light was, I forget when my camera focuses in a dark area it puts out that light. CRAZY!


Oh BTW, It was nice meeting you! I'm glad that you got to come out! (And meet Tom and me!)

Dav Yaginuma

Nice meeting you both too. It was fun reminiscing about J-town and Snead's Ferry, and checking out the Raleigh hardcore scene... :)

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