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Did Seth do something to piss them off or was it more of a "for fun" type of thing?


Ah!  Thanks for the explanation! 


[this is good] So this is vox. Interesting, sorta a myspaceish blogger.


hmm, Is there a way to add your own code or must you use the standard templates? Even MySpace, crap that it is, can be manipulated-myspace.com/blankspace2

It says- "Vox has hundreds of professionally designed themes or you can create your own." but I'm having difficulty finding the 'create your own' bit.  

Dav Yaginuma

Yeah, it's more like a Friendsterish Blogger. Not nearly as customizable as myspace in terms of page layout. However, that may be why the mean quality of the Vox pages is higher than MySpace's. The variance is lower as well, but then I've yet to want to gouge my eyes out after clicking on a Vox page, compared to 50%+ of MySpace pages.


Oh, MySpace blows, no doubt about it, sorry i even mentioned it. But i'm having difficulty finding my way around this thing. I miss the control. Look at that post above, I pasted from the website and it took over the font size.

Check your profile-


I don't know how it looks to you, but in every browser i have it shows the html. Its unreadable.

 Here, I tried to put it on my vox blog -



That's a screencapture- Firefox on  OSX10.4.9.

I don't know, man, I'm all with you on the quality thing, but this system has problems.


In case that didn't work, like I'm sayin' having some difficulty findinfg my way around theretry <a href="http://edthecat.com/random-picture3.html">this</a>

wonder if it allows links?If not 



Dav, sorry for being negative, before I got all caught up in the minutiae of blog design, I originally meant to say, "That's a really cool picture, Thanks".

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