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Hey Dav,

Fun to see that you're sailing. I'm an old sea dog from Santa Cruz days (early-mid 90s), mostly sailed Moore 24s down there, though I was checked out on up to 40' boats with Pacific Sailing (charters) down at the SC Harbor, back then. Maybe we'll be out on the water sometime together.

I noticed that the link to your wife's weblog explaining your name changes was missing a "_soon_be" at the end--it's a bad link currently from your About page.

Happy Birthday to Tesla (another cool name--have you got yourself an e-sports car by that name yet?)... Btw, the evite (from fun@pivot) is how I ended up here today.



Hi Brad.

Thanks for the link notice. A lot of Mie's links changed a while agoand I haven't set up the proper URL rewriting yet.

Yeah let's go sailing sometime! Between working so much lately and raising Tesla, I haven't been out much at all this summer. In fact just for that class really.

I'd buy a boat, but that costs even more than the Tesla roadster!

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