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[this is good] Looks like fun

Beau Smith

[this is good]

Gen Kanai

[this is good] does look like fun but I'd have worn a helmet...

Telstar Logistics

Great video!


[this is good] These people are insane. In a great way.


ha, you crazy SFers.



Dav Yaginuma

[this is good] Yeah! I love the soapbox derby. Every year I say I'm going to build a car, but then every year I don't find out about it until the last minute. Next year for sure! I'm thinking a roman chariot as the theme...

I've got a lot more footage, including two more rollovers by that crazy barrel roller. That thing flipped everytime I saw it descend. Also a lot more of the Be-afro-ed Evel Knievel guy.


[this is good] you don't have any footage of the girl in the swimsuit wiping out when she
was riding up the hill on the soapbox, do you? she would love to see it. 

Dav Yaginuma

I missed her actual wipe out by a second or two. By the time I swung the camera around she was already sitting on the pavement, but no one had reached her to help out yet. I got decent audio of the crowd reaction though ("oooooooooooo ow"). I could send her what I have. I also have about 20 more seconds of her injury inspection at the top of the hill.


[this is good] bummer that you didn't catch it but she'd still like to see whatever you have.

she's gonna be in pain for a while. the er only gave her advil though, despite fractured rib, hella scrapes, mild concussion, etc. but this should give her a good laugh. 

Dav Yaginuma

Ouch, fractured rib. I thought it was just a massive set of scrapes that would make showering painful for a week. Maybe she should see if this qualifies her for a medical marijuana card :)

Have her email me, it's dav @ my website, and I'll figure out a way to get her the clips.


great! i sent her your email, her name is erin. thanks. 

Ms. Jen

[c’est top] Love it.  I particularly love the oil barrel derby car.  Yeah! 


[this is good] great footage of an historic event!  WIsh I coulda been there but I was out of town.


[this is good] Great footage, and I look forward to the final reel.

I put some stills up here.



[this is good] Somebody had the presence of mind to refill the barrel-guy's beer apres-crash?!?

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