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Tom Taylor

I've been saying for a few years now that the U.S. economy is going to completely tank soon. I don't mean next year (although it could), but probably within the next 10 or so years. When your economy hinges so drastically on investments by China, Japan and Middle Eastern countries it is just a matter of time before disaster strikes. The world trades in dollars, but there are 15 countries that trade exclusively in euros. When a couple of countries pull out of the dollar, we're screwed.

The big question is what do you invest in if you expect a dollar collapse? If you simply hide money under your mattress, it's going to become the equivalent to having a case full of Confederate money. The same can be said for any money in the bank or invested in mutual funds or the stock market. Do you take a chance and invest in euros? Gold?

I think I am going to invest in toilet paper. That stuff was like gold in communist Russia! They stood in line for days to get a roll of the really bad stuff. Charmin. That's where it's at!

Dav Yaginuma

Tom, that is the big question. I seriously thought about putting what savings I had in 2001 into gold. That would have been a good idea. Of course, now that gold has hit a 27 year record high, I'm not so sure it's still smart. But that's what I thought also in 2000 when a 1 bedroom condo in San Francisco was going for about $350k: that's ridiculous, surely it can't go higher than that! Those condos are now more in th $6-700k range.

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