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Hi Dav,
As long as there are people with an open mind like you there is still hope for the US.


Thanks Bjorn. There doesn't seem to be many of us left unfortunately.


This is not very torturous, when there is no permanent damage, the "victim" will be fine in a few days. The viet cong pulled out John McCain's toenails which permanently affected his ability to walk.

Why not be fair to America and show the other side of the coin? Put up a video of our enemies beheading innocent civilians they have kidnapped!


Because, honda90, there's no need to point out that other people do worse things. There's always someone who does something worse, but that does not alleviate us from moral judgment.

Using your logic you could say it's perfectly ok to rob someone on the street, because other people kill people and then rob them.

The only thing in question here is what we should allow as Americans, and I don't think we should allow this. If you don't think it's torturous, why don't you spend a few hours trying it yourself and report back.

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