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yo dav,

thanks to you and your fam for having me over last night! your web site is so great for boosting creativity ... one day soon i want in on it ;) i really have wanted to learn digital photog as well since i gave up my old 35mm ... you would have loved my grandfather who was always trying new crazy things: "arthur lind" http://wweek.com/editorial/3322/8797/... btw, for x-mas i gave my mum a book that might give you ideas called "guerilla art kit" ... obviously it isn't super radical but the subhead is "for fun, non-profit and world domination" ... now i think i lost my blog since it since i abandoned it and wanted to know which site i should use to start a new one or too ... any of these can be streamed into a community site like google is putting together or bebo or facebook etc? btw, ellen's friends from gigsville are the inventors on the Discovery Channel show "Prototype This" based in SF. They do some cool ass shit!

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