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Jay Allen

[this is good] Wow.  This has just moved to first place on my list of things to try when I want to break every bone in my body and decapitate and/or strangle myself.  Thanks Dav!

Dav Yaginuma

It'll be so worth it!


[This is extreme] I once tried kite snowboarding at Mt.Fuji. It was quite hard to control the kite on a bumpy moutain slope. I felt that I've needed 1 or 2 year serious practice of kite surfing on the ocean where less hurt to crush !

Dav Yaginuma

I'm trying to get over how awesome your first sentence is. Thanks for the advice, maybe I should try the water type first. They do it over across the bay near Oakland all the time, maybe I can even take lessons.


Amazing video! That looks like so much fun. I've thought about learning kite surfing as well and see them all the time off the beach in Alameda.

Then I hear about the boards that wash up on the shore in front of my friend's house and wonder what happened to the kite surfer. . .


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