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Hey Dav, definitely agree that the Nook is sleeker than the Kindle and Android is a big plus. What about the page turn lag? Also, any idea how easy software updates will be?


The page turn lag is definitely noticeable, but I got used to it pretty quick. i actually didn't compare that to the kindle yet. Is there a big difference?

Where the lag -does- suck though, is when the Nook somehow forgets what page you were on, so that when you reactivate it from sleep or off mode, you have to manually click forward a number of pages. This happened to me today and I was about 30 pages behind where I should have been. I started clicking faster than it updated and ended up way overshooting because even though it takes a second or two for each page turn, it was buffering all the clicks I was doing (like 3-4 a second).

This forgetting-what-page-you-are-on is by far the biggest annoyance for me because it happens quite often. I am assuming though that this will be fixed shortly by a software update.

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