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Dave Brown

great article, dav.
Obviously I'm addicted...and look forward to improvements...esp. the DJ queue and hopefully limiting number of songs as part of room set up (and the ability to change both along with room title if you change your mind)
Also want to be able to set up a list of favorite rooms...currently just adding them to my "where you'll find me" as part of my profile...since you'd have to search for the name if nobody you've 'fanned' is in there. Also need to have a list of my fans and ppl I've fanned.
A group of ppl from the old VOX days have also set up a game room similar to yours...where the next song has to associate somehow with the song before it. Another room randomly picks different themes..whether genre/musical instrument/whatever. Def. keeps you on your toes.
I've been using a Chrome extension playlist manager until they hopefully work something out. And another for scrobbling.
Not sure if I have been missing it or it just popped up but there's an FAQ now(?)...
See you out there!



Ah cool, good points! I hadn't checked out any Chrome extensions yet, will look into that. And no I hadn't seen an FAQ yet, but just noticed it after you pointed it out. A lot of good info in there, such as "the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) says that we cannot play more than three songs from one album or four songs from one artist in a three hour period." For the most part it seems like social constructs have been enforcing that but I guess they must have some algorithm enforcements in place as well.

Great seeing you on there, you're one of my reconnected friends!

Dave Brown

I do wish (and I tweeted to them with no response) they'd have included an explanation of the yellow and pink highlighted songs. I assume it has something to do with DMCA stuff...but i haven't been able to figure it out exactly.


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