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I read the info description concerning this film on my cable-tv romote. From start to finish, I didn't move until after the interview was over with Marc Singer. This film blew my mind. I felt very connected to the people living in the tunnels, and found such reflection into my own experiences, my own fears. The undeniable truth is that we are all faced with this possibility. It is easier to disregard the homeless population, to hurry home after an 8-hour work day, a few espresso-based coffee drinks, and the local newspaper, than to face the scarey truth/reality that living on the street is, in fact, a very real possibility. The film shows a man in his 30's who had been married, and had a daughter, a home, a job, reduced- to making a home for himself underground. It is stunning, it shakes the core of a comfortable living room "reality". Nothing is secure, change is always possible. It is a remarkable film, one that touched me beyond description. Words fail to describle what magic- pain, shock, anger,frustration and hope await in this film. Sometimes we are given the opportunity to see what life is like for someone else that we would ordinarily be completely seperated from. This film brings worlds together, and the collision echos: We are all connected no matter what house we do or do not have. We all have hope, heartbreak, loss, and tenderness- our qualities that link us defy a house and we find a "home" in one another, ultimately.

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