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"I mowed the lawn so we can have a nice comfortable picnic"? Very, very classy, Dav.

But you do look so much better without the beard. I hope you keep it off. You looked like a criminal before-- I didn't realize how much until I saw the contrast. Plus, you look about five or ten years younger now.


That's right, a picnic.... on my face! Bwa ha ha ha!

Yeah I know I look better without it, it's just while Mie wasn't around I didn't care so much what I looked like. Have you ever seen my passport photo? That probably got me gate-checked a few times, I look certainly like a criminal there :)


Yes, we all already got it, that the picnic is on your face, and that Mie is bringing the picnic basket, and your picnic will be of day-old sushi, etc., etc.


Oh, yeah, and the blanket you'll sit on for the picnic will be an actual blanket, if you know what I'm sayin'.


Now you're just getting dirty.

Chuck Swenson

Best use of an animated gif I've seen yet.

Chuck Swenson

Best use of an animated gif I've seen yet.


OK OK, fellas. Enough mumbo jumbo about picnics on faces!! Personally, I like Dav either way...although I haven't seen you with a beard yet except in pictures. I'm just imagining how much fun it'd be to pull it...but now that you mention beards, I do remember having a hard time kissing my dad good night when he had a beard. I made those kisses short and sweet and rubbed my face afterwards cuz it itched. About that passport picture... I'm very surprised you got through Narita last time! They're a sucker for people who 'look' suspicious.


"Best use of an animated gif I've seen yet?" -- oy, I can't let that one slide.

Photo movies = one of the -worst- possible uses of an animated gif.

Not because of the content. I love the shaving time-lapse idea. But these three tiny animated gifs on your page right now take up nearly half a Meg. Those photos alone take more than 2 minutes to download over a modem or over most cellular devices.

Even the most primitive video format, even Flash, would provide the same content with better quality at less than 1/10 the size. Even a JPEG animation would be much faster and sharper. GIF was invented specifically to handle images that are -not- photos...

Your site seems so nicely minimized for use by people with all sorts of devices otherwise (except maybe the globe applet? not sure how big that is...) It's a shame, just for the sake of those little movies, to turn back everyone who approaches your site using anything less than a PC or Mac with high-bandwidth connection.

jpegs = good for photos and things with fuzzy edges and gradations, gifs = good for text, most illustrations and screen shots, things with sharply defined color changes. And each is horrible at the other's specialty.


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