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That was a nice summary of a great weekend. I really enjoyed that night, without music, chilling around the campfire and enjoying good conversation with you and other good friends. I think the music and the surrounding scene was even better once it finally started, because everyone was so ready for it. Let's camp out again in a couple of weeks, just 10 or so of us and no artificial sound system.

(Damn, I dropped my Gadfly's Hat there for a second, let me put it back on...)

But listen: I'm not a hippie and I don't willingly join herds or flocks, armies or "pods," prayer groups or circle-jerks. Please don't box me into one of those especially cultish incarnations of the above that sprout-grazing modern-day sheep-people call "tribes."

I love ya and my other friends too. But I love you as individuals, and largely because you're such nonconformists. Cliques are bad news. Cliques and nations and corporations are where humans turn ugly and evil. (And God only knows what atrocities a "pod" could produce...)

-Comrade Brother Sean

Dav Coleman

That does it dude, you're out of the tribe!

Just kidding, but you've got way too many issues about words, lighten up. You're a writer, you should appreciate using a few synonyms every now and then. Saying "group of friends" gets pretty boring.


"That does it dude, you're out of the tribe!"

My point exactly. I'm out of the tribe!


hello all!!
i agree - the fact that the sounds didn't start until morning didn't ruin the time for me. i like dancing in the warm sun better...
i'm living in ess eff and this was my third goa gil set. first was the b-day last october and then saw him again later that month for the "chapel of sacred mirrors" benefit. hopefully we can share a beer at his next b-day?! anyone going to the mushroom on the 31st?

ps - always on the lookout for photos of these events (besides those posted on goagil.com)

pps - looking around your site a bit too if you don't mind....


I will post a few photos soon; just waiting on my friend to send me his shots. But check cheesebikini.com in a couple of days for the photos.


I just stumbled on this site looking for pics of goa...awesome page! Anyhow...good to see people as excited about the next show as I...I'll be there with bells on! And maybe a cool hat, cant forget that, oh and the shimmery pants...gotta have those....

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