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Story development -- what story development? I thought the story fell apart to the point where it was basically non-existent. Counting the holes in the story would take longer than counting elements that -weren't- holes.

OK, I admit that I couldn't drag myself through that whole article linking the Matrix to obscure theological and philosophical references.. So maybe I'm missing something. But if you buy that, you might enjoy this talk by uber-navel-gazer Martin Rees:

"IN THE MATRIX: MARTIN REES -- All these multiverse ideas lead to a remarkable synthesis between cosmology and physics...But they also lead to the extraordinary consequence that we may not be the deepest reality, we may be a simulation. The possibility that we are creations of some supreme, or super-being, blurs the boundary between physics and idealist philosophy, between the natural and the supernatural, and between the relation of mind and multiverse and the possibility that we're in the matrix rather than the physics itself. "


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