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RE: "At least the first one since they were called 'flash mobs', as the Cacophony Society has been doing this stuff for years (and others before them)."

That's not an accurate statement. The Cacophony Society has done great stuff, but it's never done a flash mob. What I mean by "flash mob" here is a very large mass of people that converge suddenly at a specific time in a public place, undertake a particular bizarre activity, then suddenly dissipate at a particular time, 10 minutes (or less) later.

In that sense there has been no "flash" in San Francisco's long history of other social theater (Suicide Club, Caco, etc...) I'd love to hear about the other events that fit description this if I'm wrong.

Another key difference is that Caco, etc. have always been more of a hipster, in-crowd, freak thing done by and for a small segment of society, while flash mobs seem to be broader and more decentralized, more inclusive and less cliquish on the bright side, yet I'm afraid they might be prone to becoming more cheesy and even corporatized than the older SF events.

In any case, I haven't seen anything here that looks half as fun as Santarchy!


I bet you're wrong about the cacophony society never doing a flash mob. It's an amorphous organization with a long history and a lot of creativity behind it. I would be more surprised if they haven't than if they have, although I'm certain they wouldn't have called it a 'flash mob' and it didn't get comprehensively blogged and media tracked. We should ask Herr Donut, he might know.

I agree with the second point "flash mobs seem to be broader and more decentralized, more inclusive and less cliquish on the bright side, yet I'm afraid they might be prone to becoming more cheesy and even corporatized" ...why you might even say they're more homogenized.


OK ask him, if he knows about another event like this I'd love to hear about it.
Homogenized means "blended into a uniform mixture." So are you saying that flash mobs so far have stolen something that belongs to the Cacophony Society or someone else, and converted it into something more like the everyday activities of "the masses?"

For twenty seconds, can you turn around that logic and look at it from the opposite direction? Imagine these things not as taking something away from fringe groups and making the fringe groups less fringy or freakish, but as a movement making overall society a tad stranger and a little less dominated by big corporations and big government.

Whatever happens with other groups, it doesn't steal anything from Caco or anyone else. Ideas can't be owned and attempts to lock them down are childish and doomed.


I don't know why you think that I think anything is being stolen from Caco, as I doubt the guy who came up with "Flash Mob" had ever even heard of Caco, and "homogenized" is the word YOU used at dinner the other night. I'm just saying that the Cacophony Society has been operating in this culture jamming space for a long time, and that I prefer pretty much anything Caco has done to what I've seen so far from "Flash Mobs".

And when did I ever say ideas can be owned or that I want to lock them down?

Stop with the pathetic straw man arguments.

What are you, the Jesus Christ of Flash Mobs? Have I denigrated your god damn religion?

"Don't condescend me, man" - Brad Pitt, True Romance


YO was los bei euch hier?

Bei uns gibts Freitag nen Flash Mob!

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